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Over 20 years of performance experience in venues and classrooms.

Performing & Visual Artist

Linsey Gessner is a multifaceted Performer, Artist, and Teacher. Her passion for visual storytelling and invention is seen in her digital, performance, and literary works. It can be heard on her podcast in interviews and personal narratives and it transcends through her innovative methods when coaching clients.

Linsey founded Magic Doorway Drama, in 2011, now reimagined and known as Magic Doorway Consulting, her business focuses on coaching and mentoring children and adults with a personalized approach in performance techniques, awakening talent, and aligning purpose.

Linsey’s enterprising prowess promotes a larger vision for positive change and is showcased in her vast creative range and her many entrepreneurial endeavors.
Years of research and creative practice provide her work a multidimensional collective awareness, using moving images and textured language that challenges linear thinking and promotes critical thinking.

Linsey Gessner holds a BFA from the
Chicago College of Performing Arts | Roosevelt University and studied Theatre Performance at the notable, Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville KY.

Here is a Link to my Talent Information:

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Uniting my passions was no easy task. Education, Entertaining, and Alchemy?

Try and put a name to three forces like that?

Well,  I did.

My mission has always been to leave things more beautiful than I found them.

This philosophy sounds simplistic, yet as we collectively examine our “legacy,” it becomes more complex.


As a lifelong learner and arts advocate, my hunger for knowledge and excitement is unmatched.

I'm gifted with an ability to see the beauty in the unfamiliar, unpopular, and even the undesirable, affording me a unique perspective when faced with challenges.

I believe in leaning into the darkness as an avenue toward the light.

I’m unafraid and excited to challenge the status quo if I'm closer to the truth. 

When I hatched the idea of uniting my three favorite parts of life into a single BRAND, it seemed impossible; after years of frustrating challenges, it seems effortless now.  I suppose I found my “surfboard,” or perhaps, I became the flow.

In its most direct description, Cosmic Flow Studio embodies the natural flow of the universe, riding the wave until you become the wave.

Finding the Present Moment-  Becoming the Moment-  Falling from the Moment-  Resuming the Moment-  Life is an Art, and the Mastery of Life is a Science. 


When asked what industries or target "audience"  I aim for, I say, “Everyone!


Everyone who seeks to learn, who loves the artistry of life, and is willing to embrace the natural flow  in this current situation.”

Cosmic Flow is a WAY OF BEING; therefore, words only hinder their meaning.


I’ve found that collecting stories from like-minded creators helps maintain the wave which Cosmic Flow deserves. Therefore, I started the podcast called:


You would be surprised how much alchemy, art, and education have in common.


A Vast or Profound Concept: The heavens, the stars, matter, and unexplained energy forces.


Moving in a Steady Continuous Stream (a dancer, painter, ice-skater, surfer) lists a few examples.


A location where an artist or athlete learns and develops.


Thanks for reading this; it’s rare for someone to read this far down on a web page.

You deserve a cookie, which is why I don’t ask for your cookies on this site.

I’m grateful for the patient and uplifting supporters.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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