Bridging the gap between artistic and cultural difference

 Embracing art of all forms & cultivating a more harmonious world


Over 20 years of performance experience in venues and classrooms. 
Performing &  Visual  Artist 

 Linsey Gessner earned a BFA in 2004 from the Chicago College of Performing Arts and balances her time between performance and education as an independent contractor.

 Linsey’s enterprising prowess promotes a larger vision for positive change and is showcased in her years as a teaching artist and her many entrepreneurial contributions. Her years of research and creative undertaking provide her work with a multidimensional collective awareness. Using moving images and textured language her work affords the audience many opportunities for engagement and inspiration.

Linsey Gessner shares the seamless emergence of studied aesthetics and sacred geometry; transcending linear thinking and celebrating the circular ever flowing and evolving experience of humanity.



Leadership Minded 

Goal Orientated and Outcome Resolute 

Research and Fairness Focused 

Strong Attention toward Detail and Precision 


Disciplined and Motivated 

Creative and Compassionate 

Adaptable and Positive 

Enthusiastic and Motivational 




  • Ambo Company Member 2019-2020 Future Board Member 

  • Atria Retirement Community- Presented Science Based Learning-2019

  • Horizons Dance Theatre & The Bardstown Theatre- Business Consulting 2018-2019

  • Stage Combat Choreographer-Derby City Playwrights Festival June/July 2019

  • Production Assistant - 48 Hour Film Festival in Louisville KY July 2019

  • Magic of Pantomime Instructor @PlayThink Festival June 2019

  • ELITE SQUAD YELP EVENT -Planning and Performance 2019

  • Down Syndrome of Louisville- Game Exchange- 2019

  • The Mammoth Art Collective- Business Consulting & Collaborative Video 2019

  • Jewish Community Center - Reception Assistant 2019

  • Public Art & Engagement Strategies Workshop- Mural Arts Institute 2019

  • Louisville Dance Series - Program Greeter 2018

  • Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Promo Video for Desserts First Event 2018

  • Flow Artist & Spokesperson for M.A.D (Music,Art,Dance) @ Hillview Government Center  June 2019

  • Co-directed Mom’s Music promo video for International Open Mic with Maxwell Mitchell Aug 2018

  • Teaching Artist Experience

StageOne Family Theatre​ (2011-2017) Education Associate and Visual StoryTeller

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