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“We loved Ms. Linsey. She was very flexible and excited to work with the students. She is very talented and knows many ways to communicate fun and exciting ideas. Students just gravitated towards the opportunity to interact with her.”

Drama Lesson on Conflict Resolution-Ms. Barrett, Hazelwood Elementary


This was my first experience with Ms. Linsey, I admired how all of her responses to the students were positive. She even found ways to say “no” in a positive way. She engaged even the shyest students and was very honest with the students when their behavior was less than acceptable. “

JCPS math video teaching fractions - Quinette Yarbrough, Lincoln Performing Arts School


"We are SO excited and cannot THANK you enough! I still get chills thinking about reading the letter for the first time. So so proud of him and so thankful to have you as his partner and coach!!"

Assisted a child in entrance to the Youth Performing Arts School- Cathi Bingaman


“Katie has learned so much...After each lesson she is always fired up!”

Private student for over 5 years- Parent, Susan Kinman


“Very positive: punctual, friendly, prepared, and energetic.”

Operation Brightside Workshop for 3rd grade-Teacher, Anita Skinner S Ellen Jones Elementary


"Miss. Linsey was amazing. You can tell she loves her job, loves students, loves teaching about stories and drama!"

Literacy residency -Mrs. Pack, Eisenhower Elementary


“Linsey was so open to our suggestions and she did an amazing job of creating an experience that combined drama and other academic areas.


Ms. Linsey has wonderful management and appropriate techniques to engage and redirect students.”

Kindergarten readiness program with teachers from -

Eisenhower Elementary

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