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Magical Kingdom


We will use our bodies, voices and imaginations to become noble characters that journey on a magical quest to protect the lost jewels belonging to the kingdom.


We may make a shield with the family crest, or paper crowns to honor our nobility. With permission, we might parade the royal party for you and your friends. 

Mystery and Magic

 Let us  use our acting tools to partake in an epic adventure!

Magicians, Gypsies and  Star Seeds  will create a magical world where anything can happen! Maybe we will become detectives and pick up clues to solve the biggest mystery of all!

We hope to share our discoveries and intuitive abilities as we uncover the truth.

Creating a Life Worth Celebrating


Forts & Flashlights

Is there a better way to explore our imaginations than with storytelling and fort making?

Traveling back to a time old tradition we will use shadows and sheets to create ancient tales that may find their way to you via rock art or ancient artifact.   

Space &  Time Travel

We may need to go on an important mission to save a planet in trouble!

Or perhaps we need to go back in time and fix a disaster in history. 

Together we will create a time machine and go on amazing adventures!

We hope to show off our awesome creation and share our discoveries!

Tiaras and Tea Parties

 Let us reinvent the world of make-believe, finding our inner charm, charisma, and confidence.

We shall learn to walk with grace and speak like sophisticated characters as we come together for a magical tea party!

We can't wait to share our new found elegance with you and yours.