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Playing with Perspective & Positioning

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The sun (framed with a hula hoop) and the moon peeking above; suggesting an eclipse. The premise behind COSMIC FLOW ART hints to the vastness of our planet while focusing on the simplicity of our understanding.

Linsey Gessner let us know," It took several years for these pieces to be complete and I had tons of fun manipulating the positioning of the paintings and photographing around the illusions they created in tandem, the photo is out of focus on purpose to hint at the lack of comprehension we still have of the cosmos."

I tend to agree with this imbalance as our memories often falsely capture reality.

In a way this piece is so much about the balance of life and yet; how difficult it is to be seen or clearly see.

"To be a creator of anything impactful we must place our vision in the eye of the beholder and imagine the positive impact it can create. We all come from such different experiences and vantage points. It's not our fault for being scattered.

It's really fun when we can let go and find connection amongst those scattered fragments and recognize how lost we all are.

Magical moments are waiting at the upper crest of our ability to allow; peaking at you and waiting for you to look up."








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