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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

It's fun to dance.

It helps us remember that life is filled with ups and downs.

Survival begs us to, "GO WITH THE FLOW".

I have been trying to get the phrase,"CHA CHA CHA" to become a colloquialism for years.

What a great dance to embody life's natural ebb and flow.

Two steps forward and one step back; such is life.

When things are going well, "Cha Cha" seems appropriate.

When life decides to throw a curveball, we take a step back,"cha-cha, CHA!"

No harm in regrouping and considering the next move.

It's part of the flow of life.

Take two steps forward and one back; and remember that backwards only means you are reassessing the situation.

Dance your way to happiness, and discover various steps along the way.

The best advice I have for those who want to break free from traditional ties;

find a way to break the rules in a constructive way.

Play your favorite songs and dance by yourself.

Learn your inner brilliance.

Explore various directions, levels, and qualities of movement and above all, HAVE FUN!

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