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Updated: Oct 24, 2020

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Visual Art Created by: Linsey Gessner

This photo was taken at in Grant Park of a sculpture; I added the graphics and images to create ART within ART

Some of the footage in this video was taken at my last trip to Chicago.

Can you find the hidden messages located in this photo?

#hidden key


I created this video in collaboration with a musician known as Jay Someday and featured some visual clips of places in Chicago

Music by Jay Someday:

@jaysomeday info here:

No Guarantee (Free Download) by Jay Someday is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


Maxwell Mitchell holding Linsey Gessner in a posture known as HIGH BIRD.

To learn more about Creative Commons Visit






Maxwell Mitchell and Betsy Durham featured in the above photo taken in Chicago IL.

ART within ART

A picture taken of a picture being taken, that's so "META"




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