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Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Finding the TRUTH in an OCEAN of LIES META FILM PROJECT- BE THE FLOW • 44 minutes ago Share Finding the TRUTH in an OCEAN of LIES META FILM PROJECT- BE THE FLOW • 44 minutes ago Share 00:00 07:39

Finding the TRUTH in an OCEAN of LIES

We're all the scientists; we are all the teachers, students, and experiments.

You are the actor, dancer, director, scenic designer, makeup artist, lighting designer, stage manager, producer, writer, choreographer, costumer, makeup artist, poet of your own theatrical experience.

Your audience lives within you, as does your applause.

You can create a comedy or a tragedy, and the choice is yours.

The problem IS the solution.

There is no tension or resistance other than; that which you create. So please take a step back and give yourself the credit you deserve.

If you have tremendous amounts of pain and strife, well, you must have needed this to propel your learning journey. As anyone who has studied history, philosophy, or the ARTS, we have long used performance and storytelling not just to entertain but to tell the story of our current circumstances. Your art, your story …then becomes a mirrored reflection of your current circumstance.

It is quite nice to see our work up on a stage or a screen, a published book for the masses to digest, an art installation for the public to witness. Perhaps for others to examine and learn from. Have you ever considered why you need others to validate your work or feelings? Have you ever considered what motivates your art? If you are a truth seeker, I call on you to closely examine your motives. Are you lying to yourself? We live in a time where our involvement and our participation with certain platforms and products is used against our true character; because many of us have no idea what we have agreed to. Have you read the fine print of the make-up you endorse or considered who is making it? Have you allowed yourself to become engulfed by chasing followers before understanding what makes a leader? Social Media Influencers and Highly paid celebrities have blinded us from the truth of what lies in plain sight, yet we refuse to see it; because it makes our lives much more challenging. Each time we say yes to selling or supporting a cause or product we have not researched, we advocate LIES and denial. Someone asks how our day is, and we say WE ARE GREAT when we're not. We tell our partners everything's fine when we're miserable. Why are you lying?

What purpose does it serve, saying the opposite of what you truly feel? Perhaps saying nothing would be more truthful…because, in the end, the asker of these questions is your higher being or perhaps it's your ego.

The truth lives in the question.

Well, let’s examine. YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN THE CONVERSATION. If you’re interested in being a part of this opportunity, showcasing your work, or your opinion, please visit the website where you can find all my contact information.

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