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Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Art has a magical way of bringing human connection and empathy to any community, and I’m honored and excited to share my experience to help others shine!

EngageING arts organizations throughout Louisville to participate in a documentary

-As a catalyst for self-discovery and healing
-Highlighting the power of storytelling and diversity
-Promoting artists of all backgrounds in order to influence community support

Throughout my journey as a performer and teaching artist I have witnessed first hand the amazing power that theatre and dance integration have had on myself and more importantly the youth I’ve had the privilege of coaching and mentoring .

What I uncovered throughout my time in classrooms and teaching workshops is we need different ways to engage creatively.

Providing people with as many artistic experiences as possible provides them with opportunities for empowerment , allowing them to identify personal strengths.

If life were a stage, and it is; it requires varying types of personalities, and skill sets for the finished product to capture the audience in a dynamic way.

Some of us enjoy writing the script, others creating a visually stimulating backdrop, some enjoy crafting the costume or painting the actors face. Every contribution plays an important role in the finished product.

There are big picture people who make great directors, and organization gurus who excel at stage management; as well as sound and lighting engineers and many other roles outside of the actors, musicians, or dancers who perform.

I want to work with local arts groups of all disciplines and encourage them to participate in the META FILM PROJECT.

It will truly highlight what it means to collaborate and experience art on a multi dimensional level.

This project has the potential to showcase and promote local arts groups, individual artists, as well as offering advertising for small business owners.

While the benefits of the documentary provide the artists with exposure, there is no guaranteed financial incentive, creating a huge barrier for myself and the other artists. Asking artists to take unpaid time away from there many projects and jobs is asking a lot.

I don’t have a team, or resources at the moment to inspire the momentum I need for a project of this magnitude. can you help? You can help keep art inspired and relevant through contacting me with ideas or resources.

You can help share this story, make a donation, or get involved by helping find funding or interested sponsors.

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