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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Art Creator: Linsey Gessner

Do you remember being a child?

What was your favorite game?

Did you ever laugh until your sides hurt?

Did you imagine life as an adult and dream of being a pro athlete or a movie star?

Sadly, we go about our lives UNLEARNING how to use our imaginations.

We become practical and realistic, and afraid.

We accumulate obstacles unworthy of our energy and develop fears and boundaries.


For what?

To feel safe?

Working with children helped ignite my inner child and reminded me that I was taking life too seriously.

Can you remember when you "grew up"?

How about the first time you felt ashamed or embarrassed for doing something "child like"?

I was in sixth grade when I stopped playing with dolls, and started playing a new game.

Only this game proved to be extremely damaging to my inner child.

I have spent most of my adulthood trying to heal that little girl within.

Now that I am an adult, I'm not so sure what the rush was all about!

I pretended I could handle adult situations, and thought I was mature.

I wasn't though, it was still pretend.

Imagination is a powerful tool and if used correctly can be a super power. When life provides challenges or difficulties, I choose to use my imagination.

This provides me the ability to creatively solve problems in an instant and makes uncomfortable situations much more tolerable.

Playing "pretend" can feel daunting if you are out of practice, it's like any muscle in our body, it gets weak without exercise.

Visit my YOUTUBE Channel for activities to help you reclaim your imagining abilities.

The only way to guarantee failure is by giving up on hope.

BTW... all my art has a hidden key, can you kind it?
















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