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Meta Film Project

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

META FILM PROJECT hopes to feature a wide range of art forms while examining the unique role each plays on building character, creativity, and imagination.

As a director and videographer the hope is to capture artists engaged in their art form while allowing another piece of art to inform their creative process.

This film will capture dancers, acrobats, yogis, flow artists, musicians, poets, and visual art forms while engaging in their craft; offering the audience an opportunity to see the full spectrum of many art forms.-LG




@Ashley Brossar #goyourownway





Highlighting mural creators, local business owners, and local performing artists the META PROJECT cultivates connection and celebrates diversity.

This documentary strives to use interview clips, photography, and movement and music clips in order to transform what started as one piece of art (a mural or other art form) and gives birth to (art within art).

This documentary project helps to revitalize the local art scene and provides needed exposure for struggling artists and small businesses.

Promoting artists of all types and backgrounds offers exposure to local Louisville Artists that may have never been discovered.



...unless it's heroin in which case you need to stop.

Seriously though, the heroin issue in Louisville is no joke, I've lost some beautiful people due to this drug.

In college, I played the role of "Terry" in a play called Balm in Gilead by Langston Wilson.

I beg people to never try heroin, it changes your DNA code, there is no coming back.







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