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Updated: Dec 10, 2019

If you find yourself examining a pointless career, empty relationships , and meaningless possessions;

it may be time to leave, "THE CHASE".

We often chase money, success, and love based on a false premise; that we need something outside of ourselves.

Struggling to find purposeful attachments is a challenging journey; especially if you have a history of trauma or identity crisis. You are not required to have all the answers and why would you want them?

The fact that you are alive means you are important. I can not stress that point enough.

Peeling back the layers of our past provides opportunities to dissolve traumatic energy and we create the space needed to move through the matrix ; into higher consciousness.

I’ve learned this process takes time and is unique for everyone.

When I feel overwhelmed

I remind myself to be a curious observer

I imagine I am a scientist or a detective on the hunt for POSITIVE clues.

Observing instead of searching, allows us to lead with love instead of greed and amazing treasures begin to appear.

Throughout the last two years, I've done a ton of soul searching.

As a Lyft driver, I am afforded an opportunity to explore Louisville and meet people from all walks of life.

It's been a true gift to explore my hometown with this new perspective.

In the past, I was hyper focused on my small sphere of work, relationships, and chasing a paycheck.

I hadn't allowed myself to observe the landscape and consider the impact my actions might be taking.

At first, I was angry at what I thought I saw. I had burned myself down to a small flicker of a flame and my fuel was tapped out after years of giving my all to situations and people I cared for.

I felt, I must have given too much away to my students, audiences, and relationships.


Truth is, I had to learn the balance of giving.

I was far too "MICRO MIND" , obsessing on what was in front of me that I could control and needed to expand to the MACRO and release the control to a higher guidance.

I took some time to evaluate, meditate, move, and realign, and began taking important ownership of my choices.

Once I saw the BIG picture, I was captivated and inspired; filled with creative fuel that would prove to last the LONG HAUL.

I have BIG IDEAS, BIG HOPES, and BIG DREAMS. I blame this on my mother who gave me the initials, LRG :)

My heart is LARGE (LRG) and my mind is in CHARGE!

I am looking forward to the future, and I'm hopeful I can inspire others to do the same.

"The only way to guarantee failure is by giving up on hope"-LG












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