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Updated: Jul 30, 2019


Punk Snot invited me to reexamine what humility means, and

while I still don’t have any answers, I know it isn’t judging others in piety.

Your last chance at The Bard’s Town is: July 28th 2019

A FB post popped up looking for a fight choreographer for the DERBY CITY PLAYWRIGHT FESTIVAL so I jumped in and volunteered myself. It had been a couple years since I had a chance to use those skills and I was up for the challenge. After seeing the finished product last night, I am so grateful for the experience.

I was gifted with the chance to work with a brilliant playwright, Vidalia Unwin and a wonderful director Patrick Bias and a crew of fabulous actors.

When I allowed myself to disconnect from my contribution,and ease into the story I saw some truly beautiful moments happening on stage. This story will take you back in time to moshing at straight edge shows and screaming Danzig lyrics at the top of your lungs.


Beyond it’s transcendent capabilities; Punk Snot forces the audience to ponder morality, and addiction with a rebellious zeal.

Not only is this piece filled with christ imagery, and biblical references , it reminds us just how edgy the bible can be if viewed from a different lens.

Punk Snot will have your head reeling with philosophical questions that may keep you up at night.

I found myself wondering...

What defines a "good" person anyway?

How can our passions begin to take us away from reality?

When does “addiction”become toxic escapism vs. an expression of joy?

What if your current situation needs to be escaped?

The message "FUCK EVERYTHING",really says it best; when examining how filthy we are in our most vulnerable and organic states.

This play is defiantly cutting edge and worth a visit to the theatre. -LG

Review by LG

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