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Questions for MURAL CREATORS


● What steps did you take in order to learn your craft? Art school? Mentor? Other?

● How has art impacted your life? Can you share a poignant story?

● How does weather affect your work? Any creative tips for upcoming muralists?

● Can you describe a situation where you experienced turmoil, indifference or prejudice regarding yourself or your art form? If so, how did you use that to influence your art?

● Where do you find your inspiration? Is there another artist you draw your creativity from?

● Have you been able to measure the impact of your art? How do you suggest other muralists go about this process?

● If you had only one message to deliver to upcoming muralists; what message would you hope to deliver?

● Do you have a specific goal in mind when you create art? If so, tell us more about what your objective is.

● Why do you create?

● What are your thoughts on artistic recognition? Do you have specific intentions on branding or remaining anonymous; and can you tell us why?

● Do you collaborate with other artists? How do you share the recognition of collaborative art? Tell us how that conversation goes?

● Tell us about your creative process, what are the steps involved in creating a mural?

● What are the steps that take place in gaining legal permission to create a mural? What do you know about muralists that break these rules and do you have thoughts on why this happens?

● Do you have a preferred color palette? Or favorite color? Tell us why.

● What did you dream of being when you grew up? Are you happy with your chosen path?

● Are you drawn to other art forms? If so, tell us about your other creative pursuits.



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