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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Uncovering your highest calling and discovering your life's purpose is a full time job.

BY Linsey Gessner

As an artist, teacher, and performer; finding a career path has been a perplexing conundrum.

Societal expectations seem to steer us toward choosing only one path before we have taken in the scenery.

My feeling is that artistry requires special attention to contrast, and encourages the discovery of balance. Through examining the world’s darkest shadows, we are able to shed a bit of light on what matters most! When our career path forces us to focus on only one subject it becomes easy to lose perspective.

After devoting over six years educating young people on the importance of physical awareness, collaboration, and confidence practices, I decided to take my own advice. In May of 2017, I left the comfort of my full time career as a teaching artist and gave myself permission to be a full time artist. I wasn't sure what was in store, and if I had, I'm certain I'd never have taken the leap of faith.

Before this courageous enterprise into the unknown; I found myself grounded in cubicles or breathlessly teaching in classrooms. I was exhausted and unfulfilled; realizing that chasing a paycheck had consumed me and blinded my ability to embrace the world around me.

Eighteen months living without a paycheck (living off credit cards and whatever I could muster through LYFT driving offered me the time to immerse myself in art, history, and science.

I soon discovered this time away from the "grind" or "chase of money" provided me with the creative energy to manifest many inspiring projects and ideas despite the discomfort my financial circumstances.

I fully embraced the term “starving artist” and grew a much more expansive sense of compassion; thinking more about my carbon footprint, and how every action creates consequences and impactful resonance.

Realizing big dreams is worth every hunger pain I experienced on this collective journey.

As a person with a processing difference and diagnosed ADHD and Auditory Processing Deficit, I always knew I wasn’t experiencing life in the same way as many of my peers. I could feel the difference, and there were many times I felt ashamed and insecure.

I have always craved a feeling of belonging and acceptance; yet found it challenging to feel included. This is why I found it extremely rewarding to coach neurodiverse individuals ; allowing me an opportunity to celebrate our interesting perspective and offer ways to use this difference as a tool for creating positive change.

This project will celebrate artists that make the world a beautiful place and shine a light on what it means to be unique.

My philosophy has always been to leave things more beautiful than I found them and this project embodies that message.

The META Film Project offers needed exposure and publicity for artists, small business owners and neighborhoods throughout Louisville, Kentucky.

I would love to see this project capture the attention of corporate sponsors and arts groups across the nation and develop into a global movement.

I have often chosen a path of passion over practicality because I believe the right leap of faith can make an ingenious idea take flight.

Making a difference suggests that being different is a blessing rather than a curse.

If you have ever followed your heart instead of your head, you probably understand why I took this leap of faith.

If you haven't, I hope you allow yourself a chance; how about, NOW?

Without resources for marketing or corporate connections, how can I realistically bring my vision to life?

How can I engage audiences on an international or global level?

I’m ready to go to the next level, will you help me?

When we meet to discuss this project it will be my pleasure to share how I’ve discovered unique ways to leverage profitable outcomes for companies, and created a sustainable marketing strategy for artists.

You can’t deny my enthusiasm and drive, I can’t wait to meet with you and I’m looking forward to our future partnership!

Linsey Gessner

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