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Updated: Dec 8, 2021


Founder of Cosmic Flow Art and Cosmic Flow Studio

What is Cosmic Flow Art?

So far it's me myself and I creating an organization celebrating socially responsible expression through ART and offering coaching, consulting ,and advertising resources with the intention of creating connection and unity within communities.

I love thinking of new and creative ways to engage audiences of all ages art has a magical ability to showcase the condition of a community.

The question any artist must ponder is," How can I use my art to help Unite, Celebrate and Engage the community?"

We must dive deep into our lineage and uncover and heal past wounds.

My goal is to cultivate more connection within the community I know that art can be used as a vehicle for understanding and provide opportunities for healthy expression.

What I know about every human I've ever met is that we all need our stories told we all need to feel heard and we all want to feel appreciated.

Photo captured by Linsey Gessner

We have to stop ignoring painful traumas and cultural prejudices we all come from experiences in every storyline has weight and value what if we were to relinquish just a small amount of our personal barriers and our past pains in order to experience another person's pain? If we allowed ourselves a chance to truly listen without allowing our egos to interfere I'm certain that we would find the difference between expression and oppression.

How can we create a productive space where we can actively listen and become more empathetic as a collective?

That's why the mission continues to evolve; my goal is to streamline so much complexity .

Embracing our differences with compassion and cultivating a more harmonious world because that's what we need right now; a more harmonious world less division and more unity!~My feeling is - we can bridge the gap between cultural difference by celebrating all art forms.

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