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THE Night of the Dark Soul

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

For the past two years, I've discarded parts of myself in order to find my truth.

I gave away all comforts, possessions, and social circles in order to find truth, and allowed myself to lean into my body. My mind has always been great at deceiving me, but somehow; my body won't lie. When you are called to enter into the DARK Night of The Soul aka (AWAKENING) you don't know what's happening.

You just want the pain to end.

I didn't know what I was doing at the beginning or I never would have gone. The truth is, it gets much more painful before the light shows itself.

I tried turning back many times, and eventually learned this was adding more pain and time to my journey.

One who begins must continue; and your spirit guides won't let you slip away and die (that would be far too easy) you are seriously forced to face your darkness until you meet the light.

"The journey is as joyful or as miserable as the traveler allows it to be. "-LG

I rediscovered my inner child and sat with her until she regained strength, allowing her to fail and to suffer.

Learning to let go of fighting; without a need to prove my worth, or purpose.

Instead, focusing on what brings me joy.

I danced, and created art on multiple levels. I released old pattens, and healed ancient wounds.

Yes, my family thought I'd lost my mind, yes I lost my friends, and yes I gained a-lot of debt.

I also learned to face my biggest fears.

I stopped playing the "game", and stopped trying so hard to be liked. I allowed myself to sacrifice my credit score so I could create a reason to live. I stopped answering to the demands, and decided to become the author of the next chapter of my life. It was time for a REWRITE!

Now, I write my own story, and I choose my value . The story is focused on JOY and has changed the trajectory of my life.

Liberating myself has opened millions of doors of opportunity!

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