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This is a collection of dance sequences I have created throughout my artistic journey.

There are sections that were created with an android and an iPhone. I like both for different reasons, that's for a separate post.

I spent enormous amounts of time making my studio apartment into the set for this video and even used one of my paintings as a backdrop. I literally practiced every part that is required to make a theatre production.

Becoming the actor, set and lighting designer, costume and makeup artist, director, and producer and all the parts in between. Except one VERY important role, music.

I respect musicians so much for their work because without them, I wouldn't have inspiration. I have had several issues finding the perfect song to match to this piece and with CC issues it was a challenge.

I am grateful for the free music provided on YOUTUBE and all the artists out there that share their work for Creative Commons.


It speaks a story of evolution and transformation.

Many times throughout this process, I felt like I was trapped in a confined space (like a box).

I wanted to spread my wings and fly but continued to feel confined in my human body.

I created many alter egos or "characters" to help me escape.

In the end, I put an end to the parts of myself that weren't authentic.

I had to take off the costume and emerge as myself.

Just a girl who wants to have a good time.

Trying live in the moment and go with the flow.

If you aren't having fun, it's no longer serving your highest purpose.

Life isn't supposed to be painful, we often make more pain in our lives by causing resistance for ourselves.

I invite the watcher to open your mind, heart, and soul and allow the story to unfold by using your imagination.


Directed and produced by Linsey Gessner














ART CREATED BY: Linsey Gessner

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